Surveying The Walls

In the past week I had the privilege of attending the Together conference, with many other YFC staff and youth ministry practitioners from across Ireland. Rick Hill spoke on Nehemiah – his first session was a timely encouragement for me.

I would encourage you to go and read Nehemiah, but here’s a quick recap – God had placed a great burden on Nehemiah’s heart for the needs in Jerusalem. Jerusalem had been devastated –  the gates had been burnt and the walls were crumbling. Nehemiah went to rebuild Jerusalem. However, when he got there he didn’t jump straight into building and repairing. He took his time to survey the walls, to discover the enormity of the task and to develop a plan to rebuild them. 

At the minute that’s where I’m at with Crumlin Youth For Christ and to be honest, I’ve felt guilty about that. However, I’ve been reminded that this chapter in the story of Crumlin Youth For Christ is essential to the longevity and sustainability of the project. I’ve been meeting church leaders, local agencies, potential funders, and young people. I am engaged in a time of surveying Crumlin and this is good. Seeking guidance and discernment from The Holy Spirit to understand the needs of Crumlin and where Crumlin Youth For Christ can work in partnership with God, not just to enable young people to survive, but to enable young people to thrive!

Will you pray with us as we survey the walls?